An Introduction to Direct Embed

Through a patented process, our technicians transfer a permanent hi-resolution image to a powder coat finish, the transfer process is beneath the surface! Whether it’s a two dimensional or a three dimensional surface, our process transfers a perfect image! Working with aluminum, steel, glass, ceramic, and various other sustainable materials*, we take your concepts and turn them into unparalleled reality!

Direct Embed ® Coating System is the prefect solution to high-traffic areas. it is one of the word’s most durable interior or exterior process and backed by a warranty up to 10 years! **

We have the capabilities to make your signage, exhibit, architecture, retail fixtures, furniture and products truly unique. Please teake a look around the site and learn how Direct Embed Coating System can put dimension into your design… although we do flat pretty darn well too!

We are unique, all under one roof so your project has tight control and less lead time!

*Receptor materials for the Direct Embed Coating System must be able to meet criteria of retaining their characteristics during imaging process. Our representatives will be able to provide additional information.

**Extended warranty is based on receptor material, DECS finish and environment.