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Architectural and Large Panels: Panels can be handled up to 4’x10’x12” in size. Architectural panels can be connected together to form one large seamless facade.

Curved Surfaces: Any curved or sculptural surface can be applied to. Graphics will not distort when designed to correctly match the surface.

Perforated Surfaces: Screens can take the Direct Embed approach. The graphic vacuum forms into the dimensional holes of the screen.

Tile: Ceramic tile can be used. Graphics can be applied to make a seamless connection between individual tiles.

Glass: Glass Panels can be powder coated allowing for light to pass through while the graphic image remains.

Sculptural Forms: With careful planning graphics can be applied to sculptural surfaces with different curves, shapes and forms.

Modular Systems: Direct Embed works well with modular exhibition and sign systems. In addition, a template is established it is easy to expand the graphics to an expansive system.

Connections to Other Materials: Once a material is powder coated it can be easily connected to other materials with a range of fastening approaches.

Double Sided: Can apply graphics to both sides of the same material

Material Simulation: In addition to various wood patterns other materials can also be emulated including stone and marble.

Tactile Surfaces: Direct Embed is highly tactile and can even be used to make ADA signs!

Patterns: Dozens of realistic wood grains available for both exterior and interior  applications





Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

Graphics are embedded into curved steel for three sided trail markers that interpret and map the trail.

Client: NYC Parks  |  Designer: Nancy Owens Studio LLC, Laurel Marx Design

 “The capability, care and precision provided by Direct Embed were critical to the realization of this unique project.”   Anne Berman, Nancy Owens Studio LLC.