New 2.0 Solution | Tactile ADA Signs

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As part of our new Powder Coating 2.0 initiative Direct Embed has developed a methodology for creating tactile and Braille signs. Utilizing a powder coated substrate and a digital printed tactile layer the signs are incredibly durable and capable of attaining virtually any effect, simulated material or image at high resolution.


How Direct Embed ADA Signs Work

What Effects Can Be Achieved?

All powder coated effects including wood, marble and stone. In addition photorealistic graphics can be applied as a second surface on a white background or directly applied to metal. Tactile graphics can be any color or clear. There is also a variety of inks that can emulate materials like bronze and zinc.

Where Can the Signs Be Used?

Just about anywhere ADA signs are needed but successful applications have included stadiums, airports, shopping malls, mixed use facilities, campuses and hospitals.

How Do I Get Started?

Consult with Direct Embed. We can provide a sample or help you achieve an effect you are for your project.

How are Direct Embed ADA Signs Fabricated?

We produce the signs by first applying our powder coated graphics to an aluminum, steel, glass or ceramic substrate. After that application we utilize a three dimensional printer that applies UV LED ink in layers to create tactile letters and Braille.

Are the Signs Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

All letters are tactile and can be chamfered or rounded to meet compliance. All Braille can be rounded or domed. UV LED printers meet compliance standards and the powder coated substrate is high contrast with no gloss.

Are the Signs Durable?

For indoor use the signs are highly durable and can stand up to touching, scratching and environmental conditions. For outdoor use we add a clear coat for an extra layer of UV protection.